Simulation technology

Technology used in Amusement industry has its own specific details and it is very important to adapt it towards customer needs. It is a market where there is no common products and services. Companies working on creating new ways and methods how to entertain people. DOF Robotics perfectly knows how to entertain people and to achieve high Addictive effect in people. In our industry addiction is an adrenalin which comes with the limits and edges of human emotions. Adrenalin which we don’t feel every moment. Moments when we want to fly, stay on edge of abyss, fall in it, ride with a very high speed and hit on a wall, feeling G-Force and be in a space. Excitement, fear, emotions creates high adrenalin strongly addict us and make us happy, give us extraordinary feeling of freedom and limitless. To achieve high simulation quality we use electromechanical technology, high-end automation, parts and elements with instant reaction of passive and active simulation. High speeds and G-Force, high dynamic motions, precise synchronization and smooth movement creates extraordinary simulation quality and prevent motion sickness. It is very specific approach in simulation and hidden in detail. Here are some unique advantages of our company:

We use electromechanical technology and produce 6DOF Hexapod robots,use well-known automation parts, servomotors and motion control units. This technology using in Airbus, Boeing, NASA and F-16 simulation training units.

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Technologies we use: many steps ahead of competitors.

  • Fastest of Amusement Industry: high G-Force possibilities
  • "Comfort driver" technology: save us from nausea, motion sickness and dizziness
  • 6DOF (6 axis Hexapod robot): gives limitless type of movements
  • 360 degrees Horizontal and vertical rotations
  • On ground and suspended Railing technologies
  • Interactive drive, flight, shooting and remote simulations
  • Using Ride and Game contents
  • "Human sense": patented technology of feel real
  • High-end Control drivers: providing accurate and stable synchronization
  • "Highly Sensitive" screw actuators: heavy duty tempered steel
  • Highest stroke size: 30-45cm actuators work range
  • "Smart stop" technology: emergency Safety brake system
  • Tailored sizes of ride according to available space and specifications
  • Special Effects package: Water, Rain, Air blast, Fog, Snow, Leg Tickle, etc.
  • Fixing and control remotely: no need to visit
  • Providing best Ride movies from all over the world
  • Programming of any content within 3 days
  • Instant Technical and After Sale support
  • Strongest R&D department
  • Ready for any certification type: TUV, ASTM, CESI, Socotech, etc.