our Technology: Why Us?

There are many kind of cinemas, but best one you can recognize from the technology and method of movements. There are:


  • Hydraulic: very powerful, but slow. You cannot gain fast acceleration for the speed. Additionally it is may cause leaking of oil and have expensive maintenance. We do not use hydraulic technology.
  • Pneumatic: not strong, fast breakable, and the worst one. We do not use pneumatic technology.
  • Electromechanical: Best technology for simulation. It has very fast reaction for the instant command of the controller.
Methods of movement:
  • 2 pistons (2DOF): not effective. Has front/back, left/right leaning. It may cause dizziness and headacke.
  • 3 pistons (3DOF): additional to leanings it have lifting motion.
  • 6 pistons (6 DOF or Hexapod): Best and only technology used in professional simulations. It can lift/drop, spin, wave, heave, pitch, etc... We are using Hexapod robots in all our cinemas. As a power we use Siemens servomotors. Additionally we use special technologies to prevent motions sickness: ramping and soft stopping after sudden fast accelerations.

We produce electromechanical technology, 6 Axis Hexapod robot(6 DOF) and use Siemens parts as motors and control unites. This technology using in Airbus, Boeing, NASA and F-16 simulation training units. For the successful business we strongly recommend you best cinema which use electromechanical technology and 6 Axis spider robots. Our cinema have addiction effect and people always come.

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Technologies we use: many steps ahead of competitors.

  • 6 DOF (6 axis Hexapod robot) : it gives limitless type of movements
  • 6 pieces of Siemens servomotors : instant reaction, quality movement and stability
  • Special sensors for each 6 actuators
  • "Comfort driver" technology save you from nausea, headache and dizziness.
  • "Human sence" - patented technology of human sence synchronization.
  • "Real Feeling" technology : %100 reality in movements
  • Siemens Simotion Cotrol Units provide best management and stable synchronization.
  • "High Sensitive" screw pistons made from special tempered steel.
  • Possibility to move up to 30-45cm dimensions.
  • "Tremble" effect for better reality
  • "Smart stop" technology: emergency System safety brake system.
  • Tailored Screen according to technical drawing and space
  • Managing computer unit
  • Spare piston, spare cable set, other spare parts


  • Strongest in the market: simple and strong technology
  • 100% of Satisfaction of investor and end users
  • Ultra - economical: Siemens Regenerative Servomotors
  • Best and Stable synchronization: Siemens Simotion control Unites
  • No lifetime: Our cinema can serve you 24 hours in a day, for at least 30 years non-stop.
  • Special Effects package: Water, Rain, Air blast, Fog device, Snow device, Leg Tickle, etc...
  • Fixing and control by internet: no need to visit customer.
  • Providing best Ride movies from all over the world
  • Adaptation of any movie within 2 days
  • Extremely fast Technical and After Sale support
  • Strongest R&D department
  • 4 weeks Delivery time
  • No second hand cinema