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Explorer / 6DOF/2DOF Theatre with dome screen

EXPLORER is a special XD Movie Theatre developed by combination of the suspended seat modules, moving the reality to the upper most point. With your feet off the ground and moving at a height, your travel on the dome screen in front of you will allow you feel the real adrenaline and live adventures. Providing an unforgettable sense of flight, EXPLORER is a multiplace system and a passion of simulation to creat a real addiction. Dome of half Dome screens are preferred for EXPLORER XD movie theatres. The underlying reason is the great adventage such screens provide with the movies located at a height and in such a manner to encircle the screens.


"EXPLORER" Cinema package:

  • Platforms number depending on total requirement of capacity,
  • Possibility to use 2DOF Seat modul Platforms
  • Possibility to use Hurricane 360 Platforms
  • New 2019 Model robots: Back type
  • Customized ciberglass seatsr
  • Platforms contain Regenerative Servomotors
  • Independent automation control Unites
  • Special Effects: Water, Rain, Air blast, Scent, Snow, etc...
  • 3D HD Projectors, number depend on Sreen specification
  • Dome movies suitable to Screen specification
  • Spare pistons, spare cable sets, other spare parts

Technical Specification for 16 seats "EXPLORER"

  • Theatre Dimensions (meter): H7,5 x W10 x L10
  • Platform Dimensions (meter): H1,2 x W1 x L2,5
  • DOF number: 2DOF or 6DOF robots
  • View system: several 3D special projectors
  • Sound system: 7.1 Sound system
  • Motion technology: Rear Type Electromechanical 2 Axis or 6 Axis
  • Motion power: Regenerative Servomotors
  • Synchronisation Technology Control Units