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Dome Screen

Another one of DOF’s unique products, Dome Screens are designed to take the quality of simulation reality to its highest. These screens require large spaces and a special movie house system to be installed. The movie house system needs to be installed in a way to encircle/enclose both the bottom and top parts of Dome Screens. Dome screens are classified as special projects and require a professional approach. Thanks to the specific DOF technology used in Dome Screens’ display system, the content is projected onto the screen in perfect synchronization, which captivates users and gives them a taste of the excitement of a real adventure. The movie house system created for Dome Screens stands at a certain height above the ground. "Explorer" Theater is a great example of such a system. To offer our users the best viewing experience on the Dome Screen, we use multiple 3D Projection systems and special hardware and software. It is also important to remember that Dome Screens require specially formatted content.


Dome Screen Technical Specifications:

  • Dome Screen’s Dimensions (in meters): Customizable according to space
  • Dome Screens Degree: Cutted Dome, 140-150 degrees
  • Material: Aluminum or vacuum Screens depending on the number of seats abd budget
  • View system: Multiple 3D special projectors
  • View system: Special Wrapping and blending hardware and software