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Dome Screen

Dome Screens take the reality to the upper most point. Not only such screens require a large space of installation, but they also require a special movie house system to be installed. Because te movie house system must be installed such that it encloses both the lower and upper parts of the dome screens. Dome screens are classified as special projects and require professinonal approach. With the special technology used in the display system, the image is projected on the screen with perfect harmony and the audiences experience a real excitement. The movie house system developed for dome screens are developed such they are off the ground and at a height. "Explorer" Theater is a best example of such a system. To achieve a best view on Dome Screen we use multiple 3D Projection system and special hardware and software. Dome screens need special format content, which is very important.


Dome Screen Technical Specification

  • Dome Screens Dimensions (meter): Depending on space
  • Dome Screens degree(meter): 140-150 degree
  • Material: Steel or inflatable screen type depending on seats number
  • View system: Multiple 3D special projectors
  • View system: Special hardware and software using