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ATLANTIS is a special 2DOF Xd Cinema Platforms which can be from 4 up to 500 seats. 4 seats made specially for small spaces. But many of ATLANTIS platforms can come together and establish Big XD Cinemas up to 200 - 500 Seats. Mostly attraction have Big Screens, 3D Passive Systems. Attraction may have many kind of XD Effects like Water, Wind, Flash, Fog, and many others.



ATLANTIS motion base package:

  • New 2018 Model 2Axis robot: Bottom type
  • Fiberglass seats with Airplane belts
  • One platform contain 2 pieces Servomotors
  • Automation control Unite
  • 2 pieces sensors for each axis
  • Special Effects package: Water, Rain, Air blast, Fog device, Snow device, etc...
  • 2.1 Sound system
  • 5.1 Sound system for Big Cinemas
  • Motion control unit
  • Spare piston, spare cable set, other spare parts

Technical Specification

  • 4 seat Platform Cinema needs (meter): H2,5 x W3 x L4
  • 2 DOF (2 axis Robot)
  • View system: 3D projection or VR
  • Sound system: 2.1 Sound system
  • Motion technology: Bottom Type Electromechanical 2 Axis
  • Motion power: Siemens Regenerative Servomotors
  • Synchronisation Technology: Elektromechanical