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Get to know DOF’s ATLANTIS xD. It is a special 2DOF Xd Cinema platform with a capacity of 4-500 seats that is suitable for content with longer durations. Although 4 seat-platforms are designed for smaller spaces, several ATLANTIS platforms can be brought together to create Big XD Cinemas with a capacity of up to 200-500 seats. Most ATLANTIS attractions have Big Screens and 3D Passive Systems as well as several kinds of XD Effects like Water, Wind, Flash, Fog, and many others.



ATLANTIS motion base features are:

  • New 2020 Model 2-Axis or 4-Axis robot: Bottom type
  • Customized seats
  • Automation control Unit
  • 2DOF or 4DOF Motion system
  • Special Effects: Water, Rain, Air blast, Fog, Snow and more..
  • 2.1 Sound system
  • 5.1 Sound system for Big Cinemas
  • Motion control unit
  • Spare piston, spare cable set, other spare parts

Technical Specifications include:

  • 4 seat Platform Cinema needs (meter): H2,5 x W3 x L4
  • 2 DOF (2 axis Robot)
  • 4 DOF (4 axis Robot)
  • View system: 3D projection or VR
  • Sound system: 2.1 or 7.1 Sound system
  • Motion technology: Bottom Type Electromechanical 2DOF or 4DOF Axis
  • Motion power: Regenerative Servomotors
  • Synchronisation Technology: Elektromechanical