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DOF Robotik Inc. produce fastest and most dynamic Simulation platforms of Amusement Industry. In spite of a young age company achieve success in a very short time. Company work a lot to develope high level professional machines for Amusement Indsutry since 2006. In 2009 company produce first successful platform based on Electromechanical 6DOF Technology, powered by Simenens Automation. Since that time DOF Robotik install over 200 location all over the world. Main key of success is high level of simulation reality, high speed which give high adrenalin and acurate and stable synchronization. All these factors are very important to create addictive effect in people and make them come again and again. These factors create high WOW effect and addict people. All these factors depend on special technologies developed by engineers of DOF Robotik. In spite of the high speed our Simulation platforms doesn't create Motion Sickness because of smooth movement, ramping technology, and stable synchronization. Addition to it company constantly develope and offer new products, very unique and extraordinary. Company develope Flying Theaters, Dark Rides, and different type of Simulation Rides for Amusement and Simulation Industry. Company develope Flying SkyRide type projects, VR Solutions, Theme Park Projects, Dark Ride projects, 4D and 5D Theater projects, FEC projects and many other attraction projects and installations. Company deserve IAAPA BRASS RING AWARD for HURRICANE 360 VR as the Best New Product product during IAAPA Orlando Exhibition 2016.

important info

All our cinemas use 6 axis Hexapod robots. Our Hexapods powered by Siemens regenerative servomotors and made from tempered steel high sensitive screw actuators.

Bakit Baydaliev CEO