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Best seller: RIOT model / Bottom type 6DOF

We present best seller RIOT model: 4 - 48 and more seats model. RIOT model can be produced with any number of seats and platforms according to your place and area. Our free of charge technical drawing can be produced and send to you according to your room sizes and specifications.


RIOT model Cinema package:

  • New 2017 Model Simulator brand 6Axis Hexapod robot: Underneath type
  • Fiberglass seats with airplane belts
  • One platform contain 6 pieces Siemens Regenerative Servomotors
  • One Siemens Simotion control Unite
  • 6 pieces sensors for each axis
  • Special Effects: Water, Rain, Air blast, Fog device, Snow device, Leg Tickle, etc...
  • Special 3D HD Projector
  • 2 pieces of 3D Active Shutter glasses for each seat
  • 2.1 sound system quality
  • 10 pieces of 3D Ride movies with free one year licenses
  • Tailored Screen according to technical drawing and space
  • Managing computer unit
  • Spare piston, spare cable set, other spare parts

Technical Specification of 9 seats cinema

  • Cabin Dimensions (meter): H4 x W5 x L6
  • DOF number: 6 DOF (6 axis Hexapod robot)
  • View system: 3D special projector
  • Sound system: 2.1 or 5.1 Sound system
  • Motion technology: Electromechanical 6 Axis
  • Motion power: Siemens Regenerative Servomotors
  • Synchronisation Technology: Siemens Simotion Control Units